with Ritchie Gonzales!


(For Levels 2 to 8 only)

Beginner Level                                    Intermediate Level                                        Advance Level

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30 minute Lesson........................$20.00
60 minute Lesson.......................$30.00

4 lessons a month. Usually the final lesson will be an ensemble lesson. This is where all the flute students come together to play duets, trios, quartets, ect... Students participate in Flute Ensemble once they feel comfortable playing with others.

While each student will progress differently, students must show that they are committed to learning. This means practicing regularly (individual goals will be set during lessons) and coming prepared for lessons, with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.

Absences and Make-up lessons
I require a 48 hour notice for all absences in order to schedule a make up lesson. There are no exceptions, if this policy is followed, the student will always recieve a make up lesson. If there is an emergency, illness or bad weather, the student is entitled to a make up lesson even without 48 hour notice. In the event that I must miss a teaching day, the student will not be billed for that lesson. I will always give ample notice regarding any absence I may have. Cancellations or changes should be made by phone or email. Text message changes or cancellations are not acceptable.  

Studio Recitals
There will be studio recitals each year, and students will be expected to perform on these and prepare to the best of their ability. They are an excellent opportunity to share what they have learned and are essential for the musical growth of each student. If a pianist is required, the student/parent is responsible for contacting the pianist (I will provide contact information). The pianist will provide their rehearsal and concert fee structure beforehand. 

School Ensembles
I highly encourage for students to participate in their school's music program. If their school does not offer a music program then seek performance opportunities elsewhere, your local church, for example.